Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Fairburn Ings

I'm busy as fuck all next week then I'm off in for an operation and will be off my feet for 6 weeks so this was really the last chance to get out and about.  I went to Fairburn Ings for a change.  Things are quiet at Spurn and there's a wide range habitat here so I thought I'd try it.
Shouldn't have.

Fog, fog, fog, a walk around the visitors centre produced nothing.
Fog, fog, fog, a walk around Lin Dyke to look for the roosting Long-eared Owl produced nothing.
Fog, fog, fog, back to the visitors centre for a coffee when a Kingfisher flew right in front of my very eyes and appeared to go into a hedge!  A Kingfisher?  In a fucking hedge?  Well it wasn't a big, green, sculptured, bushy hedge in someone's garden.  More of a straggly little sort of hedge, but it's still a hedge.  Strange.
Later on a Green Woodpecker flew across the hide in the fog, fog, fog and old Professor Yaffle returned to his place as an old, wooden bookend, in the shape of a woodpecker..........but Emily loved him.

Ya yha yha ya yah.


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