Friday, 4 April 2014

Bardon and the FA gub

Hiya.  I've been going to Barton just lately.  When we used to go as nippers it was a bit shit really but now the area has breeding things that you're not allowed to talk about, well not online in the public domain anyway.  Should I even say that?  Not sure.  I'll go back and delete it.  But then the post would just read like this:

Hiya.  I've been going to Barton just lately.  When we used to go as nippers it was a bit shit really.

The End.

*add random photo*
*add Manc insult*

*add dots*


Another rubbish post.  So I'll just leave it and ask you not to tell any egg collectors that you may know.  I know quite a few and tell them if I see something rare breeding as I'm sure they won't bother them.
Really though, it's a bit much when we can't talk openly about breeding stuff.


Jump Jet



Someone who warbles.

I saw a fucking Slavonian Grebe.  And a Long Tailed Duck.  Slav Grebe?  Schedule 1.  But I'm allowed to talk about shit like that. I've also been to Hornsea a couple of times lately.  Velvet Scoter, another Long Tailed Duck yet no Egyptian Geeses or Red Crested Pochard which had been reported.

Big game tomorrow in the race for 7th as Newcastle take on Man U at the Sports Direct Arena!
etc, etc.

FA Cup Semi Final next weekend.  And of course I'm biased but I'm also a very realist when it comes to gambling (my heart never rules my head when it comes to gambling) but Hull Tigers are 8/11 with several firms to beat Sheff U in 90 minutes.  That is a huge price.  Our strikers are cup tied (Long and Jelavic) and the pundits will pick up on this in the coming days.  Don't let that put you off.  Fryatt is a better finisher hands down than Jelavic, Long is a miss but Sagbo is far far better than Sheff U have faced this season, City should be backed at that price.

Get on.