Sunday, 17 January 2010


Went to the local cemetery and noticed that it really is very low on wildlife in general.  Small child comes with me to see the squirrels and that.  They're all dead.  The cold snap has something to say for there being only 3 Greenfinch, 2 Blackbird (!), and 1 Squirrel.  No Coal Tits.  No Goldcrest.  No Song Thrush.  No future.  Just a pile of dead birds, starved by cruel mother nature.  Apparently, I can't even tick dead things.  There was a dead Brambling, 42 dead Siskins, a dead Nightjar, and 5 dead Pine Grosbeaks. All valuable year ticks, who makes the rules that I can't tick them?  I might do.

Really though, it was devoid of wildlife.  A sure sign that the weather had a big impact on local birdlife.  And squirrels.  Well, the ones that weren't hibernating.  And rats. 

A squirrel looking very sinister.


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