Thursday, 14 January 2010


A Black-Throated Thrush in North Yorkshire has been photographed by a......erm.....photographer!  What I mean is, he's not a birder, he just takes photos.  Anyway, he'd posted some photos of said bird on his/a website and a birder had viewed them and realised what it was!  It's in the blokes front garden so I think that's why proper directions and access was slow in being released.  A couple of days later and it was all sorted, maybe someone had spoken to the residents to see if it was okay to do so.  Either way, 'respect residents privacy' was added to any news relating to the bird.

A drive upto near Whitby and a Black-Throated Thrush was duly logged.  It showed facking brilliantly in front of the masses of twitchers (7) who were totally not respecting the resident's privacy.  One of them even walked straight into a blokes front room to get even better views, and caught him knocking one out over Lorraine Kelly on morning telly, then got his beige carpet filthy because of his big daft birding boots.

Our Siberian visitor cared not about the human presence, showing down to 43mm at one point and will surely be caught and buggered by one of the many local cats in the area.  The gorget around the throat was quite diffuse on this female with a nice creamy wash on the underparts and undertail coverts which contrasted with the quite dark vent (anus).  From behind (and only from behind) it seemed to have a pale wing panel at the base of the primaries but I'm fucking mental when it comes to these things so this might not be true  But it did.  She fed on apples right in front of our eyes and she clearly liked the male attention, saucy cow.  A male Bullfinch then smashed its way onto the yearlist as did a crazy Turnstone in Scarborough harbour when I was looking for white-wing gulls.

I now have a yearlist that includes Siberian Rare Black-Throated Thrush but no Linnet.  I am shit.

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