Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Spurn Malarkey

Get in there!  A new record count today, really pleased.  Can't fucking believe it.  At Spurn, the canal scrape held a personal record count of some 34 Mallards!  Brilliant!  Worth coming.  Saying that, it's only a record count because I've never once actually counted Mallards before, nor have I ever felt the need to count fucking Mallards or have I ever wanted to count fucking Mallards.

I think the fact that I counted Mallards sums up the day at bleak mid-winter freeze your bollocks off (or flaps, I'm not sexist) grim raining Spurn Point. 

Pissing down, freezing, I did some birding from the car.  The year ticks started flying in.  Kapow, Grey Heron!  Bang, Black-Tailed Godwit!  He shoots, he scores Ringed Plover!  He's got a foot like a traction engine, Shelduck!  Twat, Knot, eat my goal!

I parked overlooking the Humber.  I knew it was there, I just chose to ignore it! That was a good joke.  Overlooking?  Get it?  No?  Alright it was shit then.  Good numbers of Black-wit, very good numbers.  Didn't count them though.

Went in the canal scrape hide again (it is dry inside) which was brilliant if you like Mallard (34), quite good if you like Redshank (1) and utter shite if you like Semi-Ps (none).  2 Snipe flew into Walker Butts and the Mute Swans were of course silent (that was another good joke).

Driving home past the Crown, I noticed a party of 10-15 passerines flying along the beach.  Snow Buntings!  Tick-fest!  Gonna check them for a Horned Lark or summat.  Pulled up, straight out of the car, no fucking sign.  Anywhere.  Walked up the canal. No sign.  Walked towards Sammy's in case they double-backed.  Double-backed?  Doubled back even.  No sign.  Bastards did it on purpose. Year tick though!  That puts me through the 'magical' 70 barrier.  74 in fact but still no Linnet, beginning to worry about that one.  Does anyone have a local site for them?  Many thanks in anticipation. 


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