Thursday, 7 January 2010

East Park Shananigans

Weather.  More weather.  And it's not good weather.  i.e. it's bad weather.  Icy cold snowy weather in fact.  Tried East Park in Hull as there's sometimes a little displacement of stuff when the weather's appalling.
Last year the lake held a few Goosander and a Red-Crested Pochard which was the wildest bird I'd ever seen.  It would snarl and growl if you tried to go near it's bread.  So definitely of wild origin.  Sadly, none of the above were present today and most of the lake was frozen with only a fucking Pochard, a bastard Shoveler, a twat of a Mallard and.....erm.....that cunt the Mute Swan.

A walk through the trees produced two species that literally flew onto the list:
Greater-Spotted Woodpecker and Long-tailed Tit taking the mega year list to a mega 61!
At this stage of the year I think that 61 species on the 7th January must be a British record.  Definitely.  I was going to say world record but that would've been stupid, I mean, there must be someone in Brazil or somewhere that must be on about 80-odd at least.

Pochard (drake)

But don't go flying down there looking for the 'Pochard'.


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