Sunday, 3 May 2009

Possibly probable Monty's

A Monty's reported at Blacktoft Sands Royal Society for the Protection of Birds nature reserve but not seen since early morn. But not looked for since early morn apparently. Looked in a couple of hides first, which produced Avocets and displaying Marsh Harriers which was good. You could actually see the male's cocks if you viewed them at the right angle.

Went to have a look on the back fields where I thought a Monty's might like to live. Immediately, a distant slim harrier got up and flew low over the crop fields and went down fucking miles away pet.

I could not relocate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It goes down as a possible. Well, a probable. Well, I'm sure it was but I never clinched it let's say that. But whatever, is anyone really bothered?


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