Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Spurn. Hume's!

Went to Spurn. I think perhaps Greenish Warbler is a shit name for such a creature. Surely it's either Green or it isn't? Green-ish? What the fuck does that mean? Green-ish is sitting on the fence don't you agree? When Charles Darwin was inventing names for birds (it definately WAS him who named ALL birds so don't argue) when it came to this species he was a bit stuck.

"Hmmmmmm...........Green Warbler? no got one of those already.........Silvery-Green Warbler? nope that's a shite name..........[thinks....]...........Well it's sort of Green. Ish. Greenish! fuck it that'll do, I've still got half the passerines to do so fuck it".

So, a Green Ish reported yesterday up Beacon Lane had today been relocated, seen a bit better, called and metamorphosisted (get fucked) into a Hume's Leaf Yellow-browed Hume's Warbler.

Brief views after a long wait now meant I had to fuck off back to Hull to fit 3 windows as promised to the customer. Back to the van, pulled off from near the Bluebell and just glanced up Beacon where I saw a couple of lads with a trot-on (legging it). Better see what's going on. on re-arrival I found that they'd trapped the poor little bastard by encapsulating it in a net that it could not even see! After processing, in-the-hand views were had by all which included one photographer putting his quite large lens literally a millimetre from the bird. The assembled birders were happy but the Hume's was fucking shitting a brick.


Hume's Warblers are actually as big as a Crow, so
how fucking massive does that make Paul's hand?


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