Monday, 25 May 2009


Barton.  Over the Humber Bridge.  Far Ings Nature Reserve to be precise.  We used to go here on bike in our younger days and saw such megas as Smew, Water Rail and even Long-tailed Tit. 
I mock.

In all seriousness this reserve has improved no end, with so much work and development going on that a few years ago it was given the title "National Nature Reserve".  Pretty good.

I came across this guy who I think is the warden.  I don't know why but I decided sub-conciously to speak to him in a highly exaggerated American accent!  No, I'm not sure why either. The short converation went something like this:

Yankee Me:  Well Hi there, man.
Warden:  Oh, hello.
Me: "Are the fucking Bitterns feeding their liddle babies yet man, giving up regular flight views?
Warden:  "Erm....not quite yet, the wet winter has set them back a few weeks but it should be soon, hopefully.
Me: Woooooaaaaah, that sure sounds like fun right there man.
Warden: erm..............yes.....
Me (starting to really go over the top): fucking hell man, I'd really like to see one of those fuckers right there in the flesh, d'ya know what I'm saying there man?
Warden: erm..................
Me:  Okay Dude, now you take fucking care there man and have a simply great day, y'all.
Warden:  Erm....okay....erm thanks.

Bittern now breed and are evidence indeed that this species is currently thriving, booming perhaps.

On the lake, 6 drake Pochard and a lone female looked to be making an adult movie (it's always several guys and a single woman, why is that?) 'some' Tufted Duck (official count) pair of Shoveler, coots everywhere, 3 GC Grebe, including one with a massive cock, 1 Dabchick, and a Ruddy Duck.  Apparently no one likes Ruddy Ducks any more. Why is that?

Fuck me!  2 Mute Swans!  I never saw them on my first sweep of the lake, how the fuck do you miss 2 fucking Mute Swans unless you're rubbish. I'm rubbish.  Now there's another pair of Shoveler, and a Gadwall.  7 Shelduck flying west. Avocet just flew across the lake.  Fucking hell's teeth!  Now TWO Ruddy Duck - making a pair but you don't get anything for a pair.  Swifts a-plenty. Fucking loads.  I'm not going to count them cos you really aren't bothered.  Let's face it, if I said "56 Swifts" or "239 Swifts" you wouldn't really give two flying fucks about either figure so why should I count the fuckers?

Right, I'm gonna wander 'round to the next hide.......hang on, what's that?............Adult Hobby!  Gave good views, a bit of hawking* then off like fuck never to be seen again. 

There's been a Cetti's singing here for a while now, but it's windy as fuck so no chance of that.

* the word "hawking" has several meanings.  One of which means to sell things, particularly door-to-door.  Another is to break wind through one's arsehole.  And that's true that.
So fuck off.

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