Monday, 6 February 2012

My new friend.

I made a friend today. I'd never met him before and was only introduced by our 7 mutual friends. We got on well from the off, he showed me some pictures of him and his family so I showed him some of mine. He said he likes this. I told him what I was having for tea, fish tonight which he liked. He said he was having Chilli with rice which I said I liked. We got on so well even though I'd never heard of him before today that he invited me to look round his farm. I liked this. So I went and he had a really good set up with rows of crops and fields of barley and 80 cows. He watered his crops. Later we played poker with some of our mutual friends and ended up laughing my fucking arse off! It was great fun and everyone laughed out loud after EVERYTHING that ANYBODY ever said. We even ended up rolling around the floor laughing. I got some more requests from his friends to be my friend which I confirmed even though I'd never even heard of them before. They said hi and laughed out loud when I said anything. 6 other friends liked this for some reason. I said What the Fuck when my new friend tagged me but he just laughed out loud. My new 6 friends were all farmers too coincidentally and they asked me to look round their farms. This I disliked. And when 37 of my new friends' friends requested that they wanted to be my friend and asked me to look at their fucking stupid farms I decided that enough is enough and just ignored them. That'll show them, laugh out loud. Now they won't ever know exactly what I'm having for tea on any given day.


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