Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Just a Valentine's message to my beloved...

When you get in from work you best suck this you bastard. There.

Ham per sure tomorrow. Target species include Knot, Nuthatch and Slate Coloured Junco. I once questioned why its name had been changed on Birdforum and suggested that, perhaps, it's not officially PC to use the word 'coloured'. I was called a racist and told that they were sorry the BNP didn't get the vote over there in England! And that was from someone in the deep south! Sorry I spoke. Tomorrow's totally PC target species:
Darky Eyed Junco.
Spic Spaz.
Slanty Eyed Chinko Rice Picking Warbler.

Honestly, I got a right slating for it. Fucking great, Birdforum.


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