Friday, 27 January 2012

Wax-Paul McCartney and-Wings.

I saw some Waxwings along Sainsbury Way,
It looked like they were here to stay,
Oh, I couldn't believe it yesterday.

there were half the birds there used to be,
Some of them flew off right over me,
Yesterday they went suddenly.

Why they had to go I don't know, they wouldn't say,
Perhaps there was something wrong how I long for yesterday.

I went home Boothferry Road way,
Somebirdsflewoverthecarbutwhattheywere I couldn't say,
More Waxwings yesterday?

Erm, Yester-ding,
Maybe they were some more Waxwing?
So I stopped but they were just Redwing,
I am shite at birdwatching.

Lennon/McCartney/Q circa 1964.

I really did. From the car I got onto half a dozen distant things that were flying a bit like Waxwings. I pulled up and noticed a big fuck off bush full of berries! Ah, but not the right berries for Waxwings. Sure enough around 35 Redwings flew into the single bush and gorged upon God's own juicy red berries.

Coming next week, Bean Goose misidentification to the tune of Smack my Bitch Up.

Anyway, how are you all? Oh, I'm good thanks.


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