Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Save the Red Whiskered Bulbul

There's a cage. In the cage is a bird. The bird is a Red Whiskered Bulbul. It was a wild bird. It is about to be killed, well plucked, spiced and deep fried. By Big Neilo's father-in-law. Big Neilo used to be 6 foot 4, seventeen stone and black. Before he got badly. Big Neilo's father in law is Thai. The area where he lives is very poor and the people there simply have to eat what they can. Songbirds are important to their diet especially Big Neilo's father in law when he's had a few Beer Chang and wants a spicy deep fried snack. As shocking as this may seem to you this is a way of life and it won't change. Food is food. Protein is protein. And Red Whiskered Bulbuls are beautiful when rubbed in a dry marinade of galangal, fresh chilli, lemongrass and a squeeze of lime on a Saturday afternoon watching the Ferang football. Here's where YOU can help this barbaric snack from happening. Big Neilo has said that if 1000 of you sign an online petition through my site he will have the Bulbul freed back into the wild instead of becoming a deep fried salty spicy sour snack for Big Neilo's father in law.

As I have a readership of almost 4 I think perhaps 1000 is perhaps excessive. Maybe 10? Let's go for 10. To leave a vote simply leave a comment on this post saying 'Save the Bulbul'. If you don't want to save the Bulbul leave one saying 'let the fucker fry'. This is real by the way. Big Neilo is out there now and will be monitoring the votes. If it reaches 10 he'll set it free and take a photo of it's release. I dare say he'll maybe buy father in law a cooked chicken as recompense. Again this is real. He really has got it in that cage right now! And he's getting hungry....


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  1. Let the fucker fry. Looks like it's going to cos no one's voted to save it.