Friday, 20 January 2012

East Yorkshire birding.

A great day's birding the other day. Started life at Bempton with a close encounter with the male Desert Wheatear. After two failed attempts I just walked up and there it was! The aborted attempts were a dull long wait, to no avail. So for it to give itself up like it did today was pretty unexpected. It showed down to 5 feet! At one point the little blighter was on the arable field and just decided to fly the 50 yards straight at the assembled throng and pitch down 5 feet away. Strange behavior really. But sweet as a fucking nut. It was still in heavy moult, particularly on the scaps on it's left hand side but a real cracker. Stonking, etc... I followed this up with a Yorkshire tick no less! A bit of a tart really but the Cattle Egret near Tophill took me to 397 for Yorkshire only 3 off the magic 4 bastard hundred! But that includes Sibe Chiff which I really believe should be split but isn't yet. A ring tail Hen Harrier quartering the fields near the Egret was a bonus. I saw all sorts of stuff. But, as usual, I can't be arsed to tell you. Fieldfares, Redwings, shit like that. You know what I'm talking about.

Now that was sensible wasn't it? All about birds and that. Surely that's not what you want?

Is it?



  1. No it isn't. more gratuitous sex and violence please. saw a fucking massive stork today with a massive gob. dont think it was carring a baby stork bastard though.

  2. Okay Toby. I'll stick to the usual shite then. Big black cocks.