Friday, 4 March 2011

Word up, honkies. After being inundated with messages (none) to update my blog from my readers (two), well here I am! So where have I been? The family hibernated in early December, the kids were wrapped in dead bracken, put in shoe boxes and put in the gas cupboard. Of course not. I've been watching re-runs of The Fall Guy with Lee Majors all day every day. Not actually WITH Lee Majors, I simply meant that he's in the programme but I suppose watching the Fall Guy actually with Lee Majors would be pretty cool in itself. A bit like watching Starsky and Hutch with Paul Michael Glazer or The Professionals with Lewis Collins on the single chair having a beer. Lee Majors is my favourite actor. Well, after Clint Eastwood and Tim Brooke-Taylor of course. And how come there's no swearing in The Professionals? I've just watched an episode where Cowley says 'goolies' instead of 'hairy bollocks'. He says to some new CI5 recruits 'Kick them in the goolies before they do it to you'. Goolies? Fuck off. No bloke says that to another bloke, especially policemen. A real man would've said 'kick them in the hairy bollocks' without a doubt. Bodie and Doyle don't even swear. They drive around in their Capri hunting international terrorists and are shot at at least 6 times each every episode and never ever shout 'Fuck off' or 'Cocks' when they return fire which is definately what I'd shout if I were firing my gun. I can't suss out how to go to a new paragraph. My computer's down so I'm on mobile. Anyway, imagine a new paragraph: Isn't this meant to be a birdy blog? Yes. Yes it is. I went to Allerthorpe last Friday for the Coues's to no avail. I had a candidate in the fields behind where people watching but no real chance of nailing it at that range. Did you have a nice Christmas? Oh, quiet, you know. When my PC is up and running I'll post you a video of the beginning of the Professionals and describe how brilliant it still is after all these years. Does anybody have a clue what I'm talking about? No, me neither. Been some rare fucking things around hasn't there? I haven't seen them though.

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