Friday, 10 December 2010

Virtual Tour of Spurn and district

The Spurn area offers dramatic scenery, spectacular views over the Humber estuary and the ugly sight of several thousand waxed jackets chasing after a tiny, bald, starving, tiny storm-fucked Pallas's Warbler in early November.

We start off with light refreshments in the famous Crown and Anchor public house:

A couple of pints led to a couple more.
Once I've got the taste, I just want to carry on.
Five pints in here.
There has been some good stuff in the car park of this pub.
Like Red-Flanked Bluetail and Pallas's Gropper
although that got brought here in a bag.
I'll tell you what let's pop into Easington to show you a few more places.

Might as well pop into 'Neppy' The Neptune.
First pub as you go into Easington from Kilnsea.
Not far from here is Easington Lagoon where there is stuff.
A couple of ciders in here just as a quencher
then a couple of Jack and cokes.

Just around the corner is The White Horse.
Near here in the last few years there's been Pine Grosbeak and a furkin White's Thrush.
Two lagers, a cider, Double Jack and a bag of Pork Scratchings in ere ya bastads.

The Marquis of Granby.
My local at home is also called the Marquis of Granby.
You can find me in there most days drinking with the kids and
feeding them only on pork scratchings and crisps..
I like Cheese 'n' Onion crisps.
I had some in ere along with three lagers, two ciders and a Jack ya bastads.
Berra get back to Kilnsea then....

En route to Kilnsea:
"Is that King's Kebabs?"
"Yes sir, what would you like?"
"D'ya deliver?
"Yes sir we do".
"Right I'll have some liver then!  Wi' chips and gravy.  Ya geddit?  I bet you've never heard that one before av ya? Eh?  D'ya deliver?'s a good one..."
"Okay sir, what's the address?"
"I'm in Easington but I'm off back to Crown in Kilnsea soon"
"We don't deliver out there sir, sorry, we're based in Withersea, goodbye"
"Ya baaaastads.  Might as well av another pint in the Crown......"

Fell over.


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