Friday, 25 March 2011

East Park Hull

With Nicola working all day both children were with me for the day. A jaunt to East Park was implemented. Perambulator, bottles of drink, diapers, bins and baby wipes were loaded onto carriage, carriage laden with diesel fuel, carriage pointed Eastwards, carriage driven. On arrival it was packed. Bastard packed in fact. I was expecting a Chiff or two singing but the gathering of smackheeds Burbed-up to fuck with chav-encrusted earrings down to their shoulders soon put a stop to any hope of that.

I like doing new paragraphs now, It's easy.

I should've known how to do it in the first place.

Slide fun was followed by Pirate ship fun which, in turn preceded swing fun, after this came climbing frame fun which was abruptly ended by Mega Tufted Duck and icecream fun.

There I go again. East Park is fairly regularly watched, more so in Winter months I believe due to lack of Chav action and increase in Wildfowl / possibility of decent inland bird action. Today's highlight was (I know I usually add something made-up like a pile of horse shit or a trainer or something like that, but this bit really is true, this really did happen) something on the lake that had it's tail lifted, almost like a Ruddy Duck! Jesus! It IS a Ruddy Duck, surely? On optically-aided inspection, the 2-litre Lilt bottle drifted 'round so that the sun shone through it revealing it's green sheen on the mantle, tertials and primary coverts, a 'Lilt' logo across it's breast complete with copyright symbol, and totally tropical taste.

I'm off now to take a patio out, put down 120 bricks in it's place then a new window above, create a stoothing wall on the inside, board it, skim it and finish with uPVC windowboard, clean and seal.


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