Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Into June...

Straight from Hell's Teeth, a wind did blow,
'Though just too late for a major show,
Surprised there wasn't a Marshie,
Recompense with and Iccy,
A flurry of Shrikes, and south yorkshire tykes,
And a Flycatcher in a privvy.

Spring finally sprung with some good 'scarce' around here at Spurn Bird Observatory Yorkshire Wildlife Trust National Nature Reserve.  An Icterine Warbler singing down at the point showed at times, with a Red-Breasted Flycathcherer in the same bushes which was proving elusive until I got on it distantly albeit briefly.  Albeit must be the shortest word with three syllables in the world.  Ever. Nah, what about casino and albino?  There's loads of six-letter-three-syllable words out there.  Hang on, what about ratio?  Ray-she-oh.  3 syllables, 5 letters, a new English language record. 


Who said that?


Well that's pissed all over my bonfire. Right over it.  An AMAZING 4 letter, 3 syllable combo!
What the fuck am I talking about?

Three Red-backed Shrike were seen today, a male and a female around chalk bank of which the male showed well, the female not so well.  A breeding chance?  It's over 100 years since they bred around here.  Maybe there not quite enough cover for them at chalk bank?

A Gull looked just like a Yellow Legged Gull.  Amazingly like one in fact, which I suppose means that it was, in fact, a Yellow-Legged Gull.  2 Sandwich Tern flew north. Where are they all this year?

A nice mural of todays sightings


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