Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Guest Entry From Lee, FROM bucks

Hello.  We've got Lee on here again.  Another guest entry.  Apparently Lee has mde the BOU redundant.  Anyway, enough of me talking, over to Lee, 62, from Bucks:

"Welcome, my subjects.  It's nearly the 16th June and, amazingly, Britain and Brazil's combined total of species seen has gone through the 1000 barrier, whereas another combined total that nobody really cares about, and relates to two totally different countries, the Anglo/Nordic list, stand at 446 with the addition of Icterine Warbler at Spurn and Ross's Gull in high arctic Norway now that we can actually see up there after the winter darkness and daylight being afforded to us by God.  Not me, the other one.
I have also looked into changing the boundaries of the Western Palearctic as some of my species fall outside the recognised perimeters.  Who makes the rules anyway?  The officials?  Oh.  Well, with me being Presidente, I really must question as to who gave these people the authority to set such boundaries. What if I were to come up with new boundaries?  Who's to say I don't have the authority?
Honestly, the lack of respect in British birding.
I'm pleased to announce that the British Association of Birding has made some taxonomic changes to the British List.  Eurasian Blackbird now falls into three species, The nominate and two new full species, Albino Blackbird (Zoothera Honkinegrus) and Partial Albino Blackbird (Zoothera Seminegrus).  This now brings my personal British List to 754 (BAB) or 386 (BOU).
This weeks round up features RANDOM capital letters, unexpected CRAZY colours WITH no real pattern.  The marmora's warbler CONTINUES to perform, and A possible BOOTED eagle was DISPROVED by ME as just a BUZZARD.  I don't believe ANY record OF honey buzzard THAT is seen OVER london.  Meanwhile, in, wait for it, Gwent, AN IBERIAN chiffchaff of unknown origin CONtinues to SING from A fucking branch ON a FUCKING tree".

Well, thanks Lee.  I'm not sure what the fuck that was all about but I'll go with it.  Thanks and happy birding to you.



  1. Mate, that's fuckin' brilliant. Made I larf so hard I snorted pizza across my girlfriend's laptop!!! Cheers for the continued irreverence, yer a fkkn star.
    Good on yer, Q
    The Gibster.

  2. Cheers Gibster, and sorry about the pizza.