Saturday, 29 May 2010

Boring post (it's about birds)

A new dawn.  A new dawn for one and all.  A White-Tailed Plover, no less (sheeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite everyone cried) WAS near Liverpool, with the word "was" being the operative word.  It's gone.  Then one turns up in Holland that is surely the same, which means overnight it had flown DI-FUCKING-RECTLY over Yorkshire, more importantly over Hull, more to the point over Hessle, and in particlar right over my house.  It probably even stopped off in the back garden for refreshments. 

So, where to now?
Savi's at Old Moor?
Can do.
But I won't make it in time for the special viewing times that have been arranged.
Iberian Chiff first, then onto Old Moor for around diner to see if they're opening up again?
Can do.
I often talk to myself.
The plan was set and implemented.  On arrival at Potteric Carr the mister on the desk allowed me to use the disabled car park which cut the walking time in half.  Which is a good thin with legs as bad as mine.  Ahhh.  Shut up.  I just haven't been interested in this bird for some reason.  Second for Yorkshire, about 25 for's as rare as.........fuck!  There, I said it.  Well this is the reason:

Little shitty brown thing that looks just like a Chiffchaff which is only as rare as it is due to a dodgy split and the species is definately gonna become frequent in Britain.

Point taken.  And a few others had expressed similar sentiments.  Saying that, a lot of very rare things are little shitty brown jobs but that doesn't stop us from getting excited about them.

I arrived at the chosen area and several birders were looking for the blighter.  Hadn't been seen for a couple of hours but was singing distantly in the far hedge.  I heard it sing then something flew over our heads into the trees behind us.  Everyone just stood around.  I think they'd been there too long and lost enthusiasm for finding it, so I set off to find this thing.  After 15 minutes I located it in the corner.......

..........fuck me, I just got bored.  So you must be.  What a boring post.  Sounds like a typical dudey blog....I went here.....saw this.......saw that......had a lovely day......blah blah blah....not that all dudey blogs are boring.  Just some of them can be.  I need to get back to the childish cock jokes and pictures as quick as possible.

So, long story short, we nailed it, it sang, it showed very well, did a commentary on the birds actions, everyone got on it, walked off.  This Iberian Chiffchaff was much better than I'd imagined by the way.  They are distinctive.  Quite bright on the breast, olive-toned mantle, obvious song.  Whether I would call a female at Spurn in Autumn on features (obviously not singing) is a different matter, but I'm sure the species will be fully documented pretty shortly if it hasn't already.  Go see it if you haven't already.

The Savi's was just singing quite a way away.  No entry until 6 o'clock this evensong.  That one can wait for another day.

What a boring, bird-related post.  Or perhaps that's what people want?!!................

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