Saturday, 22 May 2010


An afternoon jaunt to Spurn produced three Temminck's Stints up Beacon Ponds, one of which showed reasonably well on a spit on the first pond.  The other two were loitering on the next lagoon.  I don't care much for that lagoon.

A Bluethroat was seen in the morning.  But not since.  Bah.

Back home to watch the Champions League final with the Special One.  No, no!  Not the missus, you herberts, I havnee gan arl saft an' that pet.  Why the futting ell have Ah gan arl Geardie like?
No, I meant Jose Mourinho.
"We won....  Two to nil....  Zis eez what I expect...  I win...  Zat eez what I do...  Tactically, I was right.  Again...  Zat eez because I have ze biggest brain...  Out of everybody" said Jose in typical prose.

Eet eez here.  My brain.  I have zee biggest.
Out of everybody.


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