Monday, 5 April 2010


As Blaze Bayley once said "Its no good looking at the person next to you and going Ooh, I feel embarrassed.  This is your last chance, this is the last song and this is the end of the show.  This is you, don't have any regrets, this is about going absolutely fucking wild".
So this was my last chance.  Possibly the very last chance.
Waxwings at the beginning of April is probably the very last chance I'd get to see one this year.  So I went to Cottingham to see 12 reported.  I saw 13.  Must be bakers (now that is a proper funny joke).  After I saw them, I went absolutely fucking wild, just as Blaze had told me to do.
I then mimicked another Blaze-phrase ('Blaze-phrase' that's good innit?) and shouted "Fucking Brilliant Bastards" at the Waxwings at which point they flew off singing "Manhunt" never to be seen again!

Jesus, you get the best wildlife photography on here.

Notice the composition of this shot.
Notice how it captures the hard, unyielding urban metropolis
and beautiful wildlife living in perfect harmony.
Mankind CAN live alongside nature, and vice-versa
and we should build more power plants, I think
they would provide more safe places to perch and roost for
some birds in an otherwise featureless landscape on a coastal marsh.

Wolfsbane.  A localised plant with a relatively small but vociferous
and loyal following, fronted by rock fucking madman Blaze Bayley.


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