Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Untitled as I can't think of one.

Right then you bastards.  I've only had 5 votes on my poll, which in itself is amazing because only four people actually read this drivel.  But when you take into account that one of them is me and another is me mam it's a bit shit really!  Ha.
Anyway, I've seen that there's been quite a few hits over the last couple of days, so if I look at this logically, I can deduce that:

a)   'People' other than mother and I have viewed the page.
b)   The 'people' have seen the poll.
c)   They haven't voted on the fucker, which means that they don't give a fuck, so......
d)   ...there is an option on the poll that is "Who gives a fuck" so.....
e)   ...If they don't give a fuck, then why didn't they vote "Who gives a fuck"? cos they don't give a fuck!
f)   There is no option f.

I don't know why I bother sometimes.  That poll took me at least 10 minutes to do.
Oh fuck it. Do whatever you fucking want. In future I might even do a poll that is slightly interesting.  Something like, 'best Spurn rarity' with a list of erm...Spurn rarities funnily enough.
Or I might even put pictures of women with their women's tits out and ask you to vote on the one that gives you most blood.
Top women's tits = voters.
Sex sells.

I've backed Southampton on the asian handicap tonight. I think they're good value at -1.5 at Evens.  Sorry, wrong website.  What I meant to say is I went back to work today.  It fucking killed me.
Hence, I am drinking strong cider and watching Southampton later on the BBC website as I have a vested interest in it.

"I thought this was a fucking birding blog?" shouted one unhappy reader.
"It is, hang on".  I'll look out of the window and report something.
2 House Sparrows just flew over the house opposite, and 2 Woodpigeons are perched upon the chimney pots of the house opposite.  The house opposite is the melting pot for birding down our street at the minute.
It fucking rules.
Shame about the Harlequin at Filey wasn't it?
Well I think so anyway.


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