Thursday, 22 April 2010

Sing hosannas, it's a girl!

A full day in hospital.  I fucking hate hospitals.  Nicola was in proper pain, which was sort of funny, and got on the gas and air pronto which was funnier still cos she was out of her nut.  Women think they've got it bad in this childbirth lark, but it's us blokes who have it worse.  Much worse.  My feet were killing me because I was stood up for a full three hours while she gave birth.  Aching like fuck they were.  She was just laid out all the time, almost falling asleep between comtractions!  They've got it fucking easy.  The midwives never once asked me how I was doing.

A baby girl was delivered at 21:50 which meant if I get her a bath run and help her in and out of it, I could make last orders. 

6llb 12oz, Olivia Mae, she's ace.


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