Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The Stones

Not been out much because Nicola doesn't want me to stray too far away from her.  She's about to drop second child, you see, and she's gonna need taking to hospital.  It should be any time now.  I'm not saying she's fat or anything, but when she comes down the stairs it sounds like Eastenders finishing.
A lot of birding blogs talk about music, so I'm gonna throw my tu'penneth in here and give you a link for your perusal and pleasure of The Stone Roses performing a song live that is perhaps underrated, but I happen to think is one of their greatest.  "Tracks of your Tears" is fucking brilliant and I to say that Browny isn't the greatest live singer ever (although some would argue that this makes the Stone Roses sound their very own) but he is a great frontman.  I used to listen to this track laid flat out after a hard day at football and in pub with nothing but a JD to hand.  Fucking brilliant track, click here:  Tears

Not many big rarities around so far is there?  Okay, Lesser Kes is mint, flyover Calandra is good but obviously didn't stay, so where are the megas?  Best get out there and find my own then.........

............well, after baby turns up.

The Stone Roses.
I don't need to say any more.


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