Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Spurn Weekend Part 3 of 3.

Sunday came.  I had a few things to do like eat curry, drink beer, bathe in the fish pond etc.  But conditions were still the same as yesterday but a little less blustery.  Things are gonna be found.  As the morning went on I was feeling more and more uneasy that I had to be at Spurn.  Nearly dinner time and I rang Adam A to see if he wanted an afternoon raid.  He did.  Game on.  Again.

Had a quick look at the Gas Terminal but I was more interested in mopping some of the goodies up, which is not like me I'd rather be alone in Easington trying to find something whilst the mob are looking at a Yellow Brow in Kilnsea.  We went straight for the Little Bunt on Green Lane and on turning down Marsh Lane a Great Grey Shrike alighted and flew over the hedge with a few Redwing!  Fifty times I tried for one yesterday with Secret and failed yet today the first bird I see is one and I haven't even stopped the car yet!  I text it to Andy as I wasn't sure if one had been reported from there.  Don't think one had - self found tick! Bumped into John H who informed us that a better Little Bunt was giving good views on Sammy's right now.  It's probably the easier option.  Plus Lee Evans pisses on Badgers.  It's what I've been told.  He's just a hypocryte.  I bet he pisses on Western Hedgehogs as well, although that is just a guess, I don't have any facts to back me up on that one.

Sammy's.  The Little Bunt was on the track not far from the car park.  After a short wait it popped up and gave very good views.  Always a pleasure never a chore.  Little Buntings are so named as they look like a small flag.  As I stood there, melancholy, watching this beautiful lost gem, the breeze brisk but calming, I couldn't help but think that the world would be a much nicer place if songs like Fucking Snooker Loopy didn't pop in your head at random times.

Down to Kilnsea, which means "Oven Head" in old norse, and a search for one of the Duskies proved fruitless, apart from while searching I got on a sawbill coming north then west up the Humber.  Red Breasted Merg!  Not a bad bird here.  Sort of.  Apart from seawatching when you see quite a lot this, was only my second at Spurn, the first being a female type on Beacon Ponds in 1988 found by Maurice who used to have a moustache and looked a bit like David Boon the Australian moustachio number 3 batsman.  Maurice was a good bloke.  I wonder where he is now.  I reported this too, only to find later that there'd been quite a few during the day already.
I am shit.

David Boon.  Boon rhymes with "coon" as the Australians are quite racialist.

I've just had a text off Lee from Bucks.  It said "you keep accusing me of pissing on Badgers.  This is obviously a slur and a cheap shot at me".
"It's only what I've been told, Lee, sorry of any offence" I replied.
"No, you need to stop saying on a public blog that I go into the woods at night and piss on Badgers" said Lee.
I text back.  "I've always fancied pissing on a Badger if you fancy going together later on?"
"Yeah can do" said Lee.

Job done.

Loads of people were milling around Kew and the Church and it was pretty good to be fair even though there was loads of people, loads to look at.  but even now I got away from the crowd and wandered into the churchyard only to get straight on a cracking Barred Warbler.  I'm sure it showed some barring especially on the flanks and I'm also pretty sure it had a yellow eye!  An adult!  Male?  Can anyone confirm this?  A few people got onto it in Kew just after I'd seen it so maybe someone else got on these features?  Thanks for that.

A good afternoon out.  Spurn in action.

Terrific scenes down on Clubleys as a Mealy Redpoll shows reasonably well.


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