Monday, 28 October 2013

Spurn Weekend Part 2 of 3

So where were we?  Spurn, 12th October, down at the narrows for a reported Lap Bunt at Post 21.  I walked upto post 21 and searched in the grass immediately surrounding the base.  There was no Lap Bunt and the radio had clearly stated Post 21.  Disgusting reporting.  I then scanned the FULL length of post 21, even on the top and there was no Lap Bunt on it.  I simply refused to search anywhere else in the area.  We did not see a Lap Bunting as it was not at Post 21 as reported.  We then decided to collect one of the 324 Great Grey Shrikes that were in the area.  First up, two at the Warren.  Easy this.  No Great Grey Shrikes were seen around the Warren.  Not one.  Arsetits.  Not to worry my beloved readers, there's another one up the road on canal.  Easy.  No Great Grey Shrikes were seen around the Canal.  We decided to move around onto the road as one had been showing from there.  There's some people there right now scoping it.  Easy.  No Great Grey Shrikes were seen from the road.  But hey, we'll just go have a look at the one from the church.  Easy.  No Great Grey Shrikes were....etc.  We tried to see a bastard Great Grey Shrike around ten times, albeit not really, really trying, but still trying, and failed miserably.  Was I bothered?

There were a million people at the Warren waiting for something to be ringed.  What have they got?  Oh, it's just a crazy bus trip from probably Shrewsbury looking at Blue Tits and Robin Redbreasts.  Red breast?  Red?  Did someone say red?  Oh fuck me, pot the reds and screw back for the yella green brarn blue pink an' black.....shit.  Stop it!  Leave me alone Chas an' Dave you cockerney cants!


As we stood at the Warren watching a Mealy Red entangled in a mist net, when we became increasingly worried that they HAD actually caught something decent and wandered over to the assembled throng to make sure.  Can a "throng" not be "assembled"?  It's a bit of a double positive isn't it?  Lee Evans pisses on badgers I've heard.  He goes into the woods at night and does it.  Anyway, Adam emerged with a Lesser and a Mealy Red.  Yeah, we'll have a look at that/them.  Then out came the Northern Treecreeper.  Not bad.

Onwards, straight to the pub for a couple of pints of refreshment.  We then retraced our steps a bit and tried Easington again but still to no avail.  We finished on Westfield lane where it seemed quieter than everywhere else so we turned back at the top of hill.  This was half an hour before a Little Bunt was found just a few hundred yards further on.  Who knows, maybe we could've found that little bastard if Secret hadn't wanted to get back home to watch Strictly Come Dancing.

No rare, not really many padders but a good day out all in all.  Fuck me, we tried.  When Spurn's like this you can't fail to be impressed.  Next time we'll find something.  IT was still out there.....would I be tempted tomorrow (Sunday)?  Will I ever get Snooker pissing Loopy out of my mind?  Will Chas and Dave ever re-release it?  Will Secret vote for Keith Chegwin to win Strictly?  Would the big one be found overnight?  I mean next morning?  To find out, tune in next time only here at Q@Spurn.

Keep it real.

Chas and Dave have re-released their seminal 
album "ain't no pleasing you" and re-titled it in support of 
the badger cull and against the antics of Lee Evans.


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