Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Spurn part 1 of 3 maybe.

Wednesday 9th Oct, I text Secret and said "Nah then white shite.....Leeds are shite blah blah blah...and the conditions are looking like Beyonce sat in an Amsterdam window for the weekend.   Backlit with red.  You fancy an all out assault on Spurn from first light?  Leeds are shite.....your ground is falling down blah blah blah..."
"Yep" said Secret.
Game on.
Saturday morning, 06:00 and Secret is late as he'd drank four shandies and a lime juice the previous night.  It is also pissing down.  I'm bathing in the fish pond for some reason after a night when I drank 84 pints of lager, 24 Jaeger bombs, 2 baileys and an Um Bongo, then chinned our lass for talking without permission, fucked the next door neighbour (his name eludes me) and ate a Chicken Phal, NO rice as it's for girls, a Prawn Puri (nice) and some facking diddy doughnuts.

In the get the picture....when I heard Chas and Dave's subliminal classic "Snooker Loopy".  Are Chas and Dave still under the floorboards playing The Best Of on betamax?

Der der de de de der de der de der de.
Snooker Loopy nuts are we,
Him and us and them and me,
We'll show you what we can do with a load of balls an' a snooker cue.....

Oh fuck off.  I can't have snooker bastard loopy in my head all day.  Fucking leave me alone!

Owld Willy Thorne, his hair's all gorn
and the lads all take the rise,
his oppownent said cavver ap his 'ead
cos it's shining in my eye's.....

Oh does one wake up with Snooker Loopy in one's head?
What I do know is during one night out in Sheffield with Jim, we were on a Leo Sayer and just got twatted and stumbled upon the Crucible Theatre on the way home at some ridiculous hour.  We did a jig and a sing song of Snooker Loopy in the doorway of the Crucible.

Dawn.  Just north of the gas terminal.  North easters.  Clag.  And shit.  And rain.  Mid October.
Jesus Holy Mary it's looking good.  Honestly,  IT was around somewhere, you could smell IT, but would IT be found in the gales?
The first sortee ended after four minutes with the rain too heavy for our first stint.  If we'd got soaked then (which we would've) we'd have been fucked for the day.  Back to the car.

It was hard going.  Proper hard conditions.  Bad light, wind, rain, falling leaves, you just couldn't get on anything.  If you got summat, by the time you'd got you're steamed up wet bins on it, it was gone.  By a mile.  Never mind, the big one was just 'round the corner.

We did the Gas terminal (north briefly and south side was flogged) where we both thought that the habitat and the places we'd covered must - just MUST - hold something decent.  The south side of the gas terminal is a good place.  I like it, and I know it's covered but I still think it's a little underwatched which is why we started here really.  We then did behind White Horse which I also like, then Sammy's.  To this point, totals were just common, 2 Woodcock, Ring Ouzel, 10 Chiff, a million Redwing, Brambling, Lesser Throat, 2 GSW, Crests, 20+ Alva Wag, etc.

We decided to mop up a few things to pad the day out.  First up, Long Eared Owl roosting behind the Crown.  Sorted.  Easy.  Next up Treecreeper at the Warren which, somehow, I "needed" for Spurn!
"this could be a bit tricky" said I
"I've got it!" said Cleggy, the grandson of Michael Clegg.
"Alright then" said I.
Lap Bunt at the Narrows next but no joy.

part two to follow as I'm bored...

White Shite.


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  1. More, damn you to Rhyl! We want more! C'mon can do it :)