Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Guest Entry from John

I've just been looking through my drafts that get saved when I either don't finish a post or don't think it's worthy (yeah right) of posting to the general public when I came across this.  I cannot remember writing it so I was clearly drunken.  Anyway, have a look:

Following on from Lee's guest entry (here) and Dave the Lorry Driver's guest entry (here) today we've got someone from the world of fishing to give us an insightful account of his day on the river Trent yesterday.

Now then.
My name's John and I live in Nottingham.  Not too far from my house is a river called the Trent and it has some fish in it.  Yesterday I decided to go down to the Trent fishing as it's not far from me.  Fishing's something I love and I've been doing it for as long as I can remember.  Some of you people interested in birds will relate to me in that it's a great escape from every day life and it's just great to be out in the fresh air in the peaceful, idyllic and often beautiful natural surroundings.  I loaded my rod, bait and hooks and that onto the car.  It's not far to the Trent from my house.  After driving not too far I arrived at my 'peg', that's what we in the fishing world call it. I unpacked my rod, bait hooks and that, and started getting set up.  Then disaster!  I'd forgotten my little chair that I sit on!  Good job it's not too far to my house, heh heh.  I had to pop back for it.  I returned to the Trent pretty soon cos it's not too far away and unpacked my rod, bait and hooks and that again.  Finally, I was set up.  Great.  Looks a nice day. Nice and calm, not too many fishing.  Looking good.  A Swan swam upto me so I fed it some bread then discarded a couple of hooks and some line directly into it's stupid fucking orange beak.  That'll teach the fucker.

Finally, I cast out......waited.......waited....then caught a fucking FISH!  Then I cast out again and waited.....then waited..... then caught a fucking FISH!  I cast out again and waited, and caught a fucking FISH!  I cast out a bit further this time and waited and waited and I caught a fucking FISH!  Then I waited again and caught a FISH!  Then I caught another FISH!  Then I caught a FISH!  Then I caught another fucking FISH!  What a great day.

Well, thanks for that John, sounds like a great fucking hobby.


Well was it really worth posting?  I'm not sure.  But anyway, it pads this shite out a bit doesn't it?  As for birding, I have nothing to say.  As for Christmas, I have nothing to say.  As for New Year, not a jot.  It seems every year of blogging I refuse to be drawn into the merriment of Yuletide with absolutely no Christmas messages for you all.  Does this make me a miser? 


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