Sunday, 30 September 2012


A few days ago a MAGNOLIA WARBLER was found on the mega island that is Fair Isle.  2nd for Britain.  First one since 1982, some thirty years ago!  Hell's teeth!  Hell's teeth indeed.  If one was found at, say Spurn I would suggest that the message would go something like this:

!!!  Magnolia Warbler           East Yorks                               Kilnsea

                                              1st winter in Churchyard today.  Do not park at the Crown
                                              and Anchor, parking is being arranged in the church field
                                              please follow on-site instructions.  A donations bucket will
                                              be in place.

Something like that.  Or if one was found, say on Orkney the message would, perhaps go something like this: 

!!! Magnolia Warbler            Orkney                                     Kirkwall, Mainland

                                              1st winter showing well along McDonalds Road.  Extra boats
                                              are being chartered from Scotland for the morning.  Please
                                              sample local whisky.  Park in the Grouse Fucker public house
                                              and walk down towards Ian's Taxis.  Bird is in willows at the
                                              back of the office.

When one was found on Fair Isle, MEGA, 2nd for Britain, first since '82, much sought after dendroica (sic) yank passeriniforme, do you know what it said?  Go on....

one this evening

One this evening?!!  Are you having a laugh Fair Isle?  How cool is Fair Isle?  It just shrugs it's huge geo-setter based shoulders and says "one this evening".  Fair Isle is the coolest of all the islands in the world.  Far cooler than Jim Rockford out the Rockford Files.  Even cooler than Nelander when Jules tells her we're all gonna be like little Fonzies, and what's Fonzy like? 
Correctamundo, we're all gonna be cool.     
Fair Isle - cool reporting.  Or is it just a little arrogant?  Maybe.  I tend to think it's just cool.

If this is your photo...........I am not bothered.

Anyway, went to Spurn.  Small child was asleep as we arrived but woke up the very second I parked up.  I just couldn't get out of taking her with me and it's a nightmare trying to pin down some flitting Phyllosc amongst the sueda when she's around me neck poking my bins that I'm already holding one handed cos I'm holding her just so she won't run off and start making massive noises which would be much to the disdain of the assembled throng. 

A flying visit bagged zero Rose Coloured Starlings which I spent time searching for at the gas terminal, a Red Breasted Fly and as I pulled up to the Riverside where a Barred had been seen.  "Imagine my surprise" when I joined the assembly (whom I presumed were watching the Barred) when the first thing I clapped eyeballs on was a wing-barred Phylloscopus!  "Hell's teeth" I exclaimed, then realised that this was what they were really watching.  Still unconfirmed, I tried to get clinching views with Livs peering down the other end of my bins saying "Hello Dad" and laughing her head off because I couldn't see a thing.  It was a Greenish.



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