Friday, 12 October 2012

Jimmy Savile Owed the Tax Man

Rattle rattle jewellery jewellery say everything twice say everything twice.

Jimmy Savile.  Who'd have thought it eh? 

Well.....I would actually.

I once saw Jimmy Savile on a twitch.  I'd twitched Pied Wheat AND Woodchat Shrike from Leeds to Scarborough on train back in my University days.  I dipped both, but on the sea front whilst searching, Jimmy Savile came jogging by!  At the time, I used to do exaggerated impressions of Jimmy Spitting Image style, much to the chagrin (or amusement) of Jim, of Research Dept fame.  Jimmy jogged past, training for his next marathon and said "hello" to me and fingered an innocent girl who just 'appened to be in his way.

I like grammar and it's effects.  Look at this sentence:

Jimmy Savile - pervert.

Change the grammar:
Jimmy's a vile pervert.

Coincidence?  I think not.  Susan Boyle has leapt to the defence of Savile, saying she was on his show when she was 15 and he definitely didn't touch her.
The BBC News channel just displayed images of the three women who claimed that Jimmy Savile interfered with them sexually. They showed a current picture of each of the women and a picture taken of each of them from the 1970s.
The caption read: Now, then. Now, then. Now, then.
Jimmy Savile's family have had the gravestone removed along with all the flowers as a mark of respect. It just leaves a small hole and no bush around it.
Just what he would have wanted.
But he's dead.  I'm glad he's dead.  There.  I'm not sure if I've ever said that sentence before.  Actually, I'm not glad he's dead.  I wish he was still alive so he could face the charges, face the public, and face the victims.  When I saw the lucky bastard sick pervert who got away with banging school girls on Scarborough front, he was wearing the most garish shell suit imaginable.  When he died Primark brought out a shell suit in his honour.  The top was a normal, adult sized shell suit top but you had to really try and squeeze into the kid's bottoms. 

They've just found his diary, his last entry was about 13 years old.

Allegedly: BBC cover up, Savile supplied boys to Ted Heath from "the" Jersey children's home, yes, that Ted Heath, John Peel, Fluff Freeman's kinky parties, children supplied by Savile plied with drugs and alcohol, Jonathon King present, Savile denied ever visiting the children's home on Jersey - there are pictures of him there, Heath regularly took boys on his yacht for the weekend, "Mr Eddy" is a well known term in and around Hampstead and the children's home nearby, Esther Rantzen (matriarch of child line) allegedly knew about Savile, hypocritical nazi, but worst of all, Savile had a tax debt when he died.  How could he do such a thing?.....etc, etc....

All I know is that a LOT of people must've known about Savile.  Mainly BBC orientated people.  Heads should fucking roll.
Enquiries need to begin.
Heads should roll.
Simple as that.

Say everything twice, say everything twice.

Spurn in morning you slags......

p.s. R.I.P. Jase and Kev.



  1. What about the paedophiles within St John ambulance who are about to receive awards from the Queen's representative: