Saturday, 20 October 2012

Wolfsbane tomorrow

Good evening.  Spurn was, how do I say this, a bit shit.  October.  Mid October.  I even went on my birthday (15th) to extract birthday treats.  And thanks for all the happy birthday goodwill messages.  Birthday treats included 2 Chiffs along Westfield Lane (I did Easington for most of that day), 2 Jays in the same area which in any other year would be pretty mega for the Spurn area.  Without checking, I reckon Spurn's had more.....erm....Radde's than Jays.  I think that's about right.  Then 3 Redpoll sp. dropped straight into Sammy's from on-high.  Chances.  They were flighty and I never nailed the bastards. 

Rio Ferdinand - what a wanker.  I hate that racist.
L***s - typical showing.
Hull City - back where we belong, the top team in Yorkshire
Sheffield tomorrow - the mighty Wolfsbane playing live.


That's it, I'm pisses.

That was meant to say I'm pissed, but "I'm pisses" sound infinitely better.
I'm pisses.

....In another another universe....
...tonight.....all hell is breaking loose.....

Might see you there you slags


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