Sunday, 22 May 2011

Genuine Guest Entry.

I've got birding tales to tell you, honestly, tales of no Black Storks, no Red Rump Swallows and definately no Montagu's Harrier.  But that's as maybe.  But as for today...hang on I've just started two sentences with conjunctions.  Is this okay?  To be honest I'm not particularly bothered.  The Bible is full of them.
"And Jesus bestowed onto Moses the artful deed and asked him to come forth.  Let them praise his name in the dance: let them sing praises unto him with the timbrel and the harp. And Moses paid Magdalene 15 Guineas for the sordid deed" Matthew 25:17

I digress (trans: talk shite).

But as for today we have a proper bona fide guest entry!  Perhaps the previous guest entries from LEE and DAVE THE LORRY DRIVER weren't exactly genuine (really?) but today's is.  Honestly!  Why do you not believe me? 

Today's post is from Glenn Howard "Ollie" Oliver, 40, from Hessle.  Ollie tells us all about his day at Flamborororough.  Ollie looks like this:

This is nothing to do with his stag night at all.

Take it away Duice:

So, that was that then.

After a while of pondering 'what's that twitching lark all about?' and being asked by MQ to do a guest blog quite some time ago, I decided to take the tribe up to Flamborough with a telescope to look for some birds, maybe me and the little one can catch sight of Guillemot, Puffin, Fulmar, Kittiwake or Oystercatchers. I ripped that off the RSPB information board.

As it happens we didnt see anything of the sort. Only gulls making a racket and shitting everywhere, namely on my car. Bastard gulls. Telescopes aren't very good for catching sight of fast flying birds. We did see some dead blokes ashes plopped in a big mound overlooking the North Sea though, I know it was a bloke because it had some flags in it saying grandad and uncle. Also saw some gull corpses, some sheep and I think a low flying Cormorant, are they big black things with a long neck that fly quite low over the sea?

Needless to say I was underwelmed with this ornithology stuff and so was the little one, but she loved the ice cream and i bought some fresh crab and crayfish tails, so not a wasted journey then.

Something I did notice, you'll never be stuck for a seat at Flamborough, must be a garden furniture dumping ground nearby....


p.s. I did see the bird thats shown in the photo at work if thats any good, does that make me a twitcher now? I think it had a red bill.

It's a bastard Goldfinch Ol.

Well, thanks to Ollie there.  I liked the bit about never being stuck for a seat.  There are about 48 benches situated "in loving memory of" people who "loved the view from here".  We pondered this together in the Granby.  Before they all died and had a bench placed in memoriam of them, they all must have had to stand up and admire the view.  There used to be loads of them just stood there, in random places keeping themselves to themselves looking out to sea in the bracing sea air.  Gradually, the people were replaced with benches with small, gold plaques on them. 

In Loving Memory of
George Albert Spim
He loved the view from here.


Note addition of tights (his idea) and Cardigan.



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