Saturday, 28 May 2011

Football Post

Come on Messi and co.

For the sake of football, come on Barca.  If the Mancs bastards win tonight it will be a travesty.  Barca, even Man U fans will tell you, are the best team and play the best football in the world.  By a fucking mile. They're the best team I've ever seen, better than the Milan sides of the late 80s/early 90s which included Rossi, Baresi, Maldini, Costacurta, Dessailly, Gullit, van Basten, Riiiijjkjjaaaard, Donadoni, Kenny Dalglish and Ian Ormandroyd. 

Even better than the Liverpool sides of the 70s/80s with Kenny, Souness, Whelan, Nicol, Brucey, Terry Mcdermot super sub David Fairclough, and beanpole striker Kevin Francis.

By the way, watch the midfield interplay of Barca.  It's amazing. Just watch Xavi, Iniesta, and Busquets (underated), and the way they switch positions.  If they've got the ball it's generally Busquets that sits in letting the other two go. That's quite simple football.  It's when they haven't got the ball that's interesting.  Whoever picks a runner, whoever goes to win the ball, whoever picks up Rooney when he drops deep tonight, the others cover what is required.  They switch round, whoever's nearest goes and the other two drop, mark or cover.  Watch Rooney tonight, he will be dropping deep tonight, 1) to help the midfield when they haven't got the ball, and 2) to get into the game when they do have the ball.  Watch who picks him up.  It'll be one of the three but at some point ALL of them will pick him up.  It reminds me a little of Chelsea's organisation when they first came to the KC.  As soon as they lost the ball you could look and see a perfect 4-4-2 in an instant.  Joe Cole was on the left but made a run and finished on the right, Chelsea lost the ball and you'd have thought they'd have an imbalance.  No chance, 4-4-2 immediately!  Cole dropped in right, someone shuffled left, lampard dropped in...pretty awesome to watch which is what tonight should be but I feel Ferguson will adopt a defensive method tonight.  His Man United arrogance keeps telling us that "This club doesn't know how to defend, we attack".  I hope they do attack, Barca will murder them if they play them at their own game.  Ferguson will have noted Mourihno's approach in all of the Classico's this season, from the 5-0 drubbing (what a game) to the 0-1 AET Copa del Ray final.

It could be a dull (ish) first half.  (0-0 at half time 7/4 anyone?) 

And Victor Chandler are offering to refund bets if Rooney or a certain Mr Lionel Messi score at any time tonight which is a steal to any of you gambling men.

Got a bit carried away on football there.

Erm.....12 Goldfinch south, a fucking Smew, 14 White-fronts and a horses big black bouncing cock.  That was just to carry on the theme of my blog and keep you all happy.

THE great Liverpool side of the 80s including
Terry McDermott (second row, 3rd right)


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