Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Reasons to be cheerful, part III

Wahay!  At last!  I was unshackled from the hospital's iron fist yesterday afternoon which means I'm free to do what I want, any old time.  I said I'm free to do what I choose, like go to Hornsea Mere with small child where a Chiffchaff was chiffer-chaffering.  Ace. 

Small child fed the ducks and chased a coot that she seemed to like.  The coot did not seem to like her though and fucked off before she could get near enough to, say, kick it or poke it in it's tiny eye.

There were still plenty of Goldeneye around but not nuch else.
Went to Brid (lington) for fish, chips and Turnstones, although we only ate the chips and fish.  I don't know what Turnstone tastes like, I've only tried it once and that was years ago.

The missus says she is definitely fucking NOT a birdwatcher and says I should NEVER suggest that she is one, especially over the super-information highway that is the WorldWideWeb.  I showed small child a Pheasant from the car, which she looked at.  So did Nicola. 
"That's 15 species for the year for you" I said "In fact, I'm now going to put your sightings on the blog so that your mates think you're a closet twitcher!"
"You'd better not" she said "I don't want people thinking I'm a geek as well".
Nicola's year list is now 15 species. Latest species:  Pheasant (male).
Hang on a fucking minute.  Is she trying to say that I'm a geek? Is that what she meant?

Me, yesterday.


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