Monday, 15 March 2010

Beware the Ides of March

I seem to think it's not just the month of March that is referred to in 'The Ides of March'. Odd. The roman calendar has the 15th day of three or four months referenced as the Ides of March. Is it the 17th day of other months too? I'll Google it. No I won't. Who are you talking to? Not you. Me? No. What are you staring at?  You wanna make something of it?  Yes.  Outside.

Why have I posted the above?
I don't know.
Nearly up-to-date now, so some forthcoming posts might even be relevant to the current affairs of birding, in particular Spurn birding.  Might not as well.

And now your favourite Roman Emperor Julius Caesar as: Eddie Waring.
Tota gallia divisa est in tres partes Wigan, Hunslett and Hull Kingston Rovers.

Shamelessly raped from Monty


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