Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Quiet quiet quiet

Spurn, hmmm, quiet today.  Wind sfrom the south and a bit from the east but low pressure over the country.  Does that make a difference to the promotion of overshooting migrants?  I don't know what I'm talking about.  It's quiet today though.  As soon as I stepped out of the car I thought straightaway that there was little happening, movement-wise.
I went up big hedge to see if there really was little moving.
There was little moving.
The only passage was 10 Goldfinch and 4 Jackdaws that u-turned back north.
In the bushes, Goldfinch and Greenfinch - the usual fare.
On the fields, Mipits and Skylark - the usual fare.
Walked past the Warren toward (towards?) the gate when a THRUSH NIGHTINGALE started singing behind me!  Fuck me!  Turn back....
...Hang on, hang on a minute here. It started up just as a guy I'd just said "Alright!" to walked into the clearing there.  It stopped.  Then it started again.  Ah, it's a tape.  It's just a tape everybody, no panic.

Then I did panic.  How did I know for sure that it was a tape?  And how did I know that it was a Thrush Night?  I'm rubbish at calls and songs.  I should get an audio aid to help me recognise species by sound alone.  Can anyone reccommend one?  Who am I talking to?  No one!  Okay then.

Up Beacon Lane a Chiffchaff!  Far out!  More Goldfinch and Chaffinch and bastard Greenfuckingfinch and fucking Treebastardsparrows.  Shite.
Then it started to rain.


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