Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Local Megas - Edited from yesterday.

A few avian highlights locally, with 3 Lapwing over the house whacking themselves directly onto the house list. Next came a vis mig corvid extravaganza with 3 Jackdaw, and 8 Carrion Crow all separate or in twos all West from the house. Next up a Chiffchaff singing on territory on Costello on 20th March which is my earliest ever in Hessle, well actually, Costello is within the Hull limits on Boothferry estate, home of course to the notorious No Neck Ted off Benedict, but it's still pretty fucking close to Hessle, even if they do only eat tinned Corned Beef it's not their fault.

So what can top THAT LOT? I'll TELL you. TWO more Jackdaws and ANOTHER fucking Lapwing that's WHAT! Well I SUPPOSE they don't REALLY top it THEY just add TO the LIST.

This is where I've missed the whole point of this post. True, Jackdaws are mega but I forgot to tell you about the really really mega mega. Yep, 32 Whooper Swan (s?) went very low North over Ruby's primary school. Well that's my excuse for being outside a primary school. With binoculars.
In a rainmack.

On prod.

So, 32 Whoopers over Hessle, the same group was seen high over Bubwith a little later that day. Hessle tick! I'd presume by their altitude that alighted fairly close by, perhaps from north Lincolnshire? Who knows.
End of edit.

As you all know The Professionals is the best programme ever made and Doyle's Capri is the greatest car in the world ever ever. Avid fans of the Professionals will know that Bodie's call sign number is 3-7. Now 3-7, where have I seen that before? Can't think.



  1. Dear mr quigley,

    I am a regular reader of your blog as I enjoy your articles. I particularly enjoy the eloquent way you in which use the English language to colourfully illustrate the many valid points you make. A recent example of this was in your recent post "man u rant". As always, I agreed with many of your points but after reading this, your most recent post, I can't help but detect an element of contradiction. Your point in the "man u rant" post was that every form of media discusses the dirty manc bastards with unnecessary regularity bringing them into discussions where they are irrelevant. Your post "local Megas"

  2. Has a not so cryptic ending referring to Leeds uniteds unfortunate result last night and my accusation of contradiction lies in your repeated unrelated references to Yorkshire's premier (and soon to be premier league) football club in your articles. Such is the frequency of your references, it could be argued that Leeds United feature more on your blog than the subject of your blog itself. I ask then, are you not guilty of the same crime as Sky Sports, Match of the Day and the shite Sun journalists who bring the scum
    Up so frequently without reason? As a solution to your repeated irrelevant LUFC references, perhaps you should rename your blog "marching on together", "blue yellow and white" or "I secretly fucking love Leeds but daren't tell my mates or else they will get no neck ted off benedict to tear me"! Just a thought you Hull bastard!

  3. Secret, you stupid L***s bastard. Sky et al GLORIFY the fucking Mancs bastards at every opportunity. I simply take the piss out of L***s at every opportunity, and fuck me there's a lot of opportunities! As for the supposed reference to your terrific result on Tuesday, not a clue what you're talking about. I think it's you lot that look for it in my proper informative birding blog, you try and big your yourselves up. As for suggesting that I may be closet L***s bastard, well, if I hear anybody ever mumble those words again I will track down archetypal anti hero No Neck Ted off Benedict and send him to the sad Corned Beef eating world that is the West Riding. Some say he's Hungarian.

  4. Bodies' call sign is 4-5. thats a fuckin rubbish call sign. Almost the same thouigh as when preston smashed those white cunts 4-6, but alas. And also colin wanker will not take the waccoe wankers anywhere near the premier league, why you might ask? cos your fuckin rubbish. Spam for me, west of 1st lane.

  5. Pretty sure it was Doyle that was 4-5 Toby. I think that's what you meant really. Either way, L***s bastards eat full tins of Corned Beef, that's all there is to it.