Thursday, 14 April 2011

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I never spent much time in school,
but I've taught ladies plenty,
It's true I hire my body out for pay, hey hey!
I've gotten burnt over Cheryl Tiegs,
Blown up for Raquel Welsh,
But when I wind up in the hay, it's only hay! Hey hey!

The Fall Guy is on just before my Sky+ series-linked-recordings of The Professionals so a little bit of it gets 'taped' due to Sky+ Series Linkage.  I've told you all about this before but I lied really as I don't really watch repeats (what you say?*) of The Fall Guy as I think it's a bit shit.  It's easy to know when The Fall Guy is about to end and Professionals is about to begin because you always see Colt Seavers in the bath smoking a cigar at the end of the Fall Guy.  And Colt Seavers always has loads of people around his bath whilst bathing!  What's all that about?  And Colt Seavers always raises an eyebrow and looks at one of the people gathered around his bath and the camera freezes that portrait as the credits roll.  I press 'play' at this point, thus coming out of 'x30' mode and watch the beginning of Professionals.  I told you I'd show you a video of the beginning just to show you how good it is.  It just starts.  No titles, no introduction, it just starts,and gives you a three minute taster of the episode to come.

Here is a beginning bit and you've got to admit that even though it's dated (they were made 1977-1981) it's still pretty fucking cool:


Now just watch the beginning of the music again. It's that split-second pause just before the Cortina comes flying through the glass building that does it even though it's not that obvious in this clip, you might have to watch it on TV or You Tube or summat, not that anyone is remotely interested. The glass building is actually the one on the corner of Anlaby Road and Ferensway in Hull.  Or did I just make that up?



Water's Edge Country Park was devoid of Slavonian Grebes on Saturday when I took the girls for walks and talks and sandwiches and slide action.  I managed 3 Swallows, several Chiffs and at least 6 Willow Warblers holding territory, one of which sat atop a tree just near to our chosen sandwich and boiled egg resting place.  I set my somewhat dated scope up on a tripod which dates from Medieval times (it is carved from only stone and iron) so that Ruby could have a look at a few things.

 I showed this to her school friends and they all pointed and laughed
at her for being a nerd and will now continue to mock her
throughout her childhood just as they did me. 
This is why I'm scarred.  Scarred! 
My whole life ruined due to ornithology and Ben Sinclair's dad
who took us to Spurn every bastard week. 
I hope you're satisfied, Brian Sinclair you bastard.
I could've been somebody.

"Did you see it?" I asked.
I think that means yes.

I had a raptor go over our house, going North yesterday.  I ran in the back garden and had reasonable views but mainly from the rear.  It wasn't a Buzzard, my unaided views from the front of the house confirmed that, with wings slightly narrower and tail slightly longer in proportion than (Common) Buzzard.  It flew with wings held back, ala Buzzard when they do their kind of 'stoop' but the wings were still flapping, creating quite a distinctive wing shape.  I don't know what it was.

After a distinct lack of pictures on this blog lately due to me updating from my phone, I thought I'd make it up to you with 2 Videos, 2 Pictures and a FREE dot-to-dot of The Fall Guy for you to print out and complete.  You could even print it out life size and wear it as a smart mask on completion just like the Ian Beale mask I gave to you all FREE back in April.  Click HERE! to take advantage of this extraordinary offer.

Colt Seavers starred in The Fall Guy as Lee Majors
which is a stupid made-up name.

* just for Big Neilo


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