Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Twitch Aggro

Continuing Spurn's excellent start to the spring, a Savi's Warbler was found at Sammies.  This is only the second record for the "greater Spurn area" and follows other local megas that have graced the Observatory already this spring.  The White-Spot Bluethroat was the first for 50-odd years, the Red-Crested Pochard the first for the official recording area, and the Purple Heron only the second record ever, plus the Ring-necked Parakeet that is a pending addition to the Spurn and Yorkshire list.  Spurn megas!

With Nicola and the girls in tow, we had to stop at shop to get cigarettes, then we had to stop at Patrington to get drinks for children even though I'd told her to fill bottles up beforehand, then Nicola had a fag 'whilst we're stopped', then we got to Sammies 5 minutes after it was last seen then never, ever, ever, ever seen again.  This is of course Nicola's fault.  I have of course suddenly decided to rebuild our patio even though there's nothing wrong with it.  This weekend. 

I gave it some time then decided that the little critter was sitting low for a while in the mid-day sun and thought that it would become more active and show after tea.  This plan was implemented but was not successful.

On my first attempt I was stood around talking to this bloke with no hat on, when another bloke wandered past in a mint green cap.  Another bloke in a wide brimmed hat said to the mint-green capped man "Dear oh dear!"  At this point I must add that these blokes were definitely in their 70s.  The conversation continued:
MintGreenCap:  "I beg you pardon?"
WideBrimmedHat  "Dear oh dear, you could've walked 'round"
MGC:  "Erm....what?"
WBH:  "I was looking through my binoculars when you walked across right in front of me"
MGC:  "Well what did you want me to do?"
WBH:  "I mean, how anti-social can you be?"
MGC:  "You ignorant pig"
WBH:  "Me?  You must be joking"
At this point the man in the Mint Green Cap visually started to lose his cool with the man in the Wide Brimmed Hat and said "Listen mate if you're looking for trouble you've found it..." and started taking his tripod off his shoulder.  "...now go away and don't come here again!" he continued as he walked off.
Twitch aggro!

What you fucking looking at?
How anti-social can you be? 


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