Wednesday, 6 April 2011

I've been out and about but I've not got much to tell you really. Chiffs are the only summer returns locally, still no hirundines or other.

As I've mentioned before there was a regular Spurn threeball years ago of Benny, Adam and myself who used to bus it down to Spurn at weekends and school holidays. We took quite detailed notes which included weather, wind and of course the days sightings. It was Benny who kept the notebook for the three of us. Unfortunately Benny emigrated to Australia and took with him our records. It would be good to see these but I don't think I ever will again. Post-Benny, I have a few entries of my own including a couple of decent days at Spurn:

15th May 1994
Tree Pipit
Wood Warbler
Golden Oriole
Jay (uncommon at Spurn)
And Short Toed Lark. Not bad. But then this:

21st September
Redstart (14)
Black Red (3)
Pied Fly (8)
Ring Ouzel
Then it gets better....
Barred Warbler (2)
Red Breasted Fly
Red Backed Shrike
Then it gets better again....
Little Bunting
Then it gets a bit blurred.....
Which is not exactly mega but it's rare all the same at Spurn. This is where it gets a bit blurred. Was there really a BLACK MOTHER FUCKING GUILLEMOT? Can anybody tell me? It's 17 years ago and I have vague memories of being on Clubleys and some bloke putting me onto it but before looking at my notes I didn't think I'd seen BMFG at Spurn.
1 Was there a BMFG recorded for that date?
2 I'm just going to drop a sledgehammer off at a job.


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