Sunday, 21 June 2009

Father's Day

Father's Day.  The only day of the year when I'm allowed to do whatever I'd like to do due to being ruled by the iron fist of a female (Nicola)!  Not really, I wear the fucking trousers and I hope she doesn't read this or she'll kill me.

A Spotted Sand was found yesterday at North Cave Wetlands but being afternoon on a Saturday meant I'd already started on the lager flavoured drinks and couldn't drive.  Nicola can't drive and Ruby is only 22 months but can drive but sadly only her miniature pink car. I thought about this as an option but decided against it.  We'll go tomorrow.

Off we go, nicola and small child in tow.  The plan was simple: Spot Spot Sand Off Pop Pub (SSSOPP) for dinner and more lager drinks.The Sandpiper was a full adult spotty bastard but decided to fuck off high and south 10 minutes before I arrived. Bah!

I pondered it's journey here.  It's plumage and timing maybe suggests a non-breeding adult that surely must have arrived last Autumn, gone north, couldn't find a mate so fucked off south early in the year, passing through North Cave for a brief refuelling stop.

We went nearby for small child to have a wander around in the fresh air so I took them strategically just down the road where you can see the local Red Kites.  Very good.  Then went to pub for luncheon, alas, the fucker was ABSOLUTELY SHUT!  Shit.  We simply went home and masticated.  Which is very different to wanking.


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