Friday, 12 June 2009


Went back to Far Ings to see if the regular Bitterns had started giving regular flight views due to them regularly feeding their newly hatched offspring regularly.  They hadn't but after 2 minutes of sitting in the hide, a Bittern flew across right in front of the hide!  Fuck me, a Bittern!
Now, embarassingly, and you will automatically think "tart's tick" or "kid lister" after this next statement but I don't care.

Bittern is a lifer for me!

Truely truely shocking.  When people talk of bogey birds then this is mine, I've been to Far Ings many many times and other places that hold Bittern but never once connected.  I suppose I've never really set out with the direct intention of definately seeing a Bittern at a certain site at a certain time of the year which I could've done, so please don't e-mail me with sites and times where I would've seen one ages ago:

'Dear Q,  You should've gone to Potteric Carr on June 4th at around 7am, they always show then every year.  Hope this helps, Ian Black'. or

'Gillian and I were dogging at the A148 lay-by the other day when just as Gillian was clasping her tongue 'round a strangers ballbag, a Bittern emerged from the grass verge, much to our surprise!  Oh how we laughed at the comical sight of Gillian watching a rare Bittern with a ballbag in her mouth! Yours sincerely, Alan and Gillian Minge'


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