Thursday, 5 July 2012

Tennis, Football and some Music...

Andy Murray scraped through I see.  Every year he's the great British hope until he loses when he returns to being a Scottish cunt.  Wimbledon has been rained off every day due to the wettest summer for 250 years.  In Murray's Scotland it's been the wettest on record since last summer. 
I'll tell you right now, I don't want him to win.  Why should I?  He's Scottish.  All you Scots out there will back me on this one.  Let's face it the Scots never want England or an Englishman to win anything.  Why should they?  I can't blame them, they're Scottish.  Ask a Scotsman if he's British and you best expect a twist on the cheek from a pint of McEwan's Export.  But only if it's empty.  The Scots are apparently mortified with the plan for supermarkets to charge for carrier bags.  With this coming straight after an increase on the price of glue it really has been a double whammy for the Glaswegian population.

The Scots don't want us to win.  I totally agree.  Same with the Welsh.  I'm fine with it.  I'm English not British.  They're Welsh not British.  As for the six counties across the Irish Sea I'm not touching that one with a forty foot pole.  Made out of potato.

Is it me or is Murray's celebration of clenched fist whilst staring at his box a little bit annoying?  His box in the crowd obviously.  Saying that, I suppose it would be a GREAT celebration if he clenched his fist then bent double and stared at his box following every victorious point. 

The Scots were celebrating at Euro 2012 when England got beat by Italy on the usual pens.  To be honest, thank fuck we never made it to the final against a Spanish side that don't even need a striker on the pitch to beat you.  I didn't like their set up at first, six in midfield, even though Barca had played like that a few times last season.  The difference is, Barca have a certain person named Lionel Messi.  Still, they did it again and fair play to them.  Great side.  I think, nay know, they could put another eleven on the pitch that would still beat us. Those not included (on the bench or injured) in Sunday's final and would feature in my fantasy Spanish second XI to beat England includes Valdes between the sticks, Puyol and Albiol at the back, Juan Mata, Pedro as attacking midfielders, with Torres and a certain David Villa up front.  Jesus Holy Mary mother of God, the THIRD string would have Pepe Reina with the gloves and Llorente up top.  I sort of wish Messi was Spanish just to see it.

I watched the final on Monday afternoon and, amazingly, hadn't heard the result which was a result in itself.  Why hadn't I seen it on Sunday you cry?  Because I was....

......somewhere near Manchester.........watching.....

........the one and only....

You heard it right, The fucking Stone Roses!
Get in.

They came on to Adored.  They had to.  They just had to.  Fucking get in!  I saw more than a few blokes wipe a tear away.  One big bloke was just stood there with his hands on his head and his mouth open, aghast, with tears streaming down his face when they did This is the One.  I never thought I'd see them together again.  WE, collectively, never thought we'd see them together again.  Let's have it!  Browny's pretty shite live but that's part of it.  Reni backs him all the time to stop him going flat.  But they are the greatest band.  The greatest.  They were fucking brilliant.  Apart from Mani swapping to a yellow and green bass with the words Mani United written on the back.  The Mancs bastard.  And they never did either of my favourite tracks, Tears and Daybreak, the fucking bastards.  I was sure they'd go straight into Daybreak when they were doing Ten Storey Love Song.  They didn't.  Then Squire went off stage.  I was sure he was swapping to acoustic, surely to do Tears?  They didn't.  Ollie should've been with us.  Ollie WOULD'VE been with us if he wasn't upside-down 12,000 miles away.  (Me Darren and Fraz by the way Ol)

Tears.  Studio version.  Have a bit of that.

Bejaysus it was muddy.  And getting out was a nightmare.  I rang a radio-controlled taxi to get back to the digs.  When I got in there was a driver in the driver's seat.  False advertising surely?  And evaporated milk.  I bought some evaporated milk only to find the tin still full.  While I'm on a rant, can someone please answer me this;  What is the point of Soft Porn?  People who like porn don't like it.  And people who don't like porn don't like it.  So what's the point?

No point whatsoever.
At all.

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  1. a bit of searching and it seems the 'extensive' world tour will take in Perth. Perfect. He better leave that fuckin mani manu guitar at home though. manc cunt.