Friday, 8 June 2012

She's a Roller...

Now then. Blog land has been awash with Roll/Roller/Rolling related titles, so today I thought I'd chuck my ring into the cat. I was gonna go with Roll With It after the Oasis number but I thought I'd take my time and say what I say and don't let anybody get in my way cos its all too much for me to take. To be fair I never stand aside I never be denied I wanna be what I be and I'm going with him apparently. So. She's a Roller. Urchin. Adrian Smith's band before he joined Maiden. And he sings it. It's a bit lame really.


The Roller, as you all know by now, is mint and shows great and is cracking stonking and crippling, corking and spanking. I cannot add any more.

Whilst cooking a curry last night that would've melted steel I thought of a great joke. The funniest joke ever. It really is great:

I went to an Indian restaurant last night and the waiter asked what I'd like.
I said 'Well I want a dish but I can't remember the name of it'.
'Tell me what it's like' said he.
'Well it's a dirty story of a dirty man with vegetables and fruit in a yoghurt' I told him.
'Ah, you must mean a Paperback Raita'.

Now you've got to admit that that was probably the greatest joke ever told. Ever.


Went to see controversial Harriers today. Pallid/Monty's and all sorts of rumours. I spoke in depth to one of the Lincs birders and they're trying to piece it all together. As for me, I saw 'it' briefly and at distance, through bins. My description would be submitted as follows:

Weather : overcast, rain at times, shit light.
Optics used : Aldi's own 6 x 22 plastic bins (not waterproof).
Description : it looked like a bird. It was sort of brownish. It could fly. Seen very well from c3-5 miles range for 4 seconds.

I'm not sure if that would get it past a rarities committee but it is useful in that it rules out all birds that are not brownish and also all flightless birds so all is not lost.


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