Sunday, 13 May 2012

another guest entry from Lee, Bucks.

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome, my subjects to another grammatically prefect blog post from yours truly, LGME. As leader of British birding and anti coalition government (BOU/BBRC) campaigner, UKIP400 is proud to bring you the news that the Flamboro Flycatcher is a nominate race Eurasian Common Nominate Pied Flycatcher (baroli) as I always have to add random words to the standard name to make me sound that bit more important. I saw this bird and knew immediately that this was a clear Eurasian Common Pied Flycatcher and my, sorry, UKIP400 advisory board's splitting of Iberian Pied Flycatcher the same day was merely coincidental and was not aimed at giving me some insurance of a tick when DNA results were known.

I now come to my second incredibly balanced point on taxonomy. It is with great surprise that UKIP400 are to LUMP two species into one, something that I, sorry, UKIP400's advisory board have never done in it's gracious 30 year history. The species LGRE and a very similar species are to be lumped together to form one, the LGME (Lee George Michael Evans) as the advisory board feel they are inseparable in the field. Features such as perma-stubble around the moustachial stripe reaching the ear coverts, gold cross below the left ear coverts, crest swept back, denim hot pants around the vent are all typical of both taxa. Indeed the only feature that separates the two in the field is that the eyes are strangely too close together in the former.

I am thinking of issuing law suits to various websites and individuals that take the mickey out of me and my party. Especially this one. In fact I will not be writing anymore guest entries for Q. That will show him. May I add that the Flamborough Eurasian Common Pied Male Flycatcher (baroli) has been at Flamborough since November as there was one at Filey around that time and has clearly relocated.

I'm off to sing Father Figure to passers-by in Soho.

Thankyou for your continued support.


Thanks to Lee from Beds or Bucks whichever it is. Nominate Eurasian Common Pied Fly? Really who'd have guessed it? I give up. It's all just to hard. There.


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