Saturday, 21 April 2012

Can't really think of a title.

This is the god's honest truth.  I've been trying to post for the last few days but I've been that bladdered that I haven't quite managed it.  I started a post on Monday night, blogger auromatically saved it before I gave it up as a bad job.  Reading between the lines it looks like I was about to go on a Man U rant but got frustrated and just starting typing whatever I was thinking at the time.  I know I talk some shite but this is honestly what I'd wrote that night,  It was a Monday after all:

shit maN DO I#VE JUST HIT THE CAPS LOCK BY ACCIDENT.  There.  Sorted.  I am, of paralethic.  Is there really qa h in paraletic?  I think there is.  so, shit man do.  I went for thirds of the Thayer's Gull on Wednesday or Thursdqay I caqn't  really remember pet.  It was a bequtiful beautiful dark brown shitty brown ball of juvenile brown shit that I've ever seen in my life.  As for MAN U, they're just cunts and oh fuck off you set oif nancs bastards,  have you hewqard of a playr called tosicw who apparently playeed for them cunts oh fuck off i;m about as fuc4de as fucked xcqan be i cant even type ill lreavre it as thas.

Hell's teeth!  I should probably address my drink problem but first..................

.......the last few posts have been done off mobile which meant no opportunity to place the usaul random images that afflict this blog.  Well, fuck you all cos I'm on the mother in laws laptop whilst she's a broad (sic) so I can now BOMBARD you fuckers with utter randomness such as this:

Pigs in Blankets are nice aren't they?  It looks like they've garnished them with old skool curly leaf parsley.  Why would you do that?

As I was trying to tell you all in my somewhat garbled drunken post that was auto saved fron drunken Monday, I went to see the Thayer's Gull yet again.  I've seen it 43 times now including 8 visits in the same day.  I only go this often because the bridge tolls have halved to £1.50 each way.  Think of the money I'm saving.  I started looking into the taxonomy of this species but, to be fair I've had enough of typing this late on a Saturday night and my chicken phal has just arrived.

You slags.

Impromptu all nighter last last lead to a Leo Sayer today which ultimately leads to chicken phal action from some local Indian chefs who cook whatever I want.  They even drop it off for me in exchange for money. 

I've got loads to talk about from Rio Ferdinand being a twat to Danni Minogues flaps but I can't be bothered.  Sorry.  I will do it tommorrow.

Can I have fifty pounds to mend the shed?


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