Saturday, 10 December 2011

Hello, Hello, it's good to be back, it's good to be back...

Well. It's been a while. How are all 3 of you? Me? Oh I'm fine thanks. Thanks for asking. Since my last post I've moved house, seen an Isabelline Wheatear at Spurn, plastered Livvy's room and painted it fucking Apricot (Apricot?), dipped a bastard Solitary Sand, watched re-runs of Supergran (Hang about. Look out. For Super Gran), seen a Long Toed Stint that turned into a Temmink's then a Pec then a Baird's then a horse before finally becoming a Little Stint, been to Spurn several times but not as often as I should've, and watched Tiswas on Dave every Saturday morning. In the mush In the mush In the mush.

I'll tell you what. The Izzy Wheat was nice. I hitched from L**ds back in 1990 for the last one and missed it by...erm...not much. So a British and therefore Yorkshire mother fucking tick! Speaking of mother fuckers, did you watch the Mosconi Cup last night? It's the US of A versus Europe at American pool. It all kicked off when big Rodney offered my mate Darren Appleton out live on air! Darren's from Pontefract and used to be a really good boxer. Big Rodney turns to him and says 'maybe we should just go outside in the street mother fucker' live on Sky Sports! Great pool action.

So. I first saw the Izzy in flight and it was striking how pallid it was.
'yep, clearly an Izzy' I thought to myself. Then I got on it on the deck. Nice, but not as striking. The lads down there had a bit of trouble confirming it I think as Gibbo had seen it at around 1 o'clock but it was only confirmed around 3 after they'd caught the little blighter.

Oh, and Man U went CRASHING out of the Champs League. I'm still smiling now.

You can buy the new Man U perfume for the missus for Christmas. Channel No.5


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