Sunday, 18 December 2011


Good evening. The people over on Birdforum edited my (and other people's) posts to make it look like the word MINGES is no longer acceptable on Mingeforum. It got through at first but was heartlessly changed at the last minute. I am truly devastated. The one and only major contribution to ornithology I could offer and it gets cut. Jesus.


Christmas is coming. I bought eldest the new Iraqi version of Cluedo. It was fucking shite. No one could find the weapons.

Just bought the new gang rape version of Cluedo. They all did it.

Just bought the new JFK version of Cluedo. They did it but then someone else might've done it.

Just bought the new twitching version of Cluedo. Evans saw the Pacific Swift at Cley with a candlestick.

I'll delete that it was very poor.

Just bought the new football version of Cluedo. Gary Speed did it with the Rope in the garage.

Jesus that was a bit sick. Ho hum. Big black cocks.


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