Monday, 15 August 2011

Post #138 have I really done that many posts?

Fuck me, I've really fucked up this time.  I'm absolutely gutted.  I can't believe it. 
I've just been to get my first tattoo, been really looking forward to it.  Went in and said to the bloke "I want a big dragon right across my back please" cos I'm always polite.  He said "Any particular one, any particular style?"  I said "Whatever you think mate, as long as it looks good.  Do a little bit of a design if you want".

Here's how it looks:

Fucking Theo Paphitis?

So now you know why I'm gutted, I'd rather have had Deborah Meaden!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha.  That was a good joke.

I'm bored. 
Can you tell?
Back driving in a couple of weeks so I'll be at Spurn and I'll have some birding related antics to tell you.

Even the cricket finished as early as your hat, cat, so I can't even watch that.  Do you know who I saw on TV at the cricket?  You'll never guess.  Amazing.  Couldn't believe it.

Trevor Francis!

Honestly Trevor Francis was at the cricket.  Trevor Francis!  I wonder what Trevor Francis was doing watching cricket, Trevor Francis played football.  I saw Trevor Francis at the cricket on the first day's play but never saw him on day two, so I just thought it was just a one-off for Trevor Francis to be at the cricket.  But then, on day three, who should turn up at the cricket again?  Fucking Trevor Francis!!!  What's going on?  Trevor Francis on day one and three but not on day two?  I couldn't for the life of me work out what was going on. 


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  1. Trevor Francis tracksuits, from a mush in Shepherd's Bush: Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush!

    God blezz Hoogy Zdreed!
    Viva Hoogy Zdreed!
    Long live Hoogy Zdreed!
    C'est Magnivigue Hoogy Zdreed!

    I actually googled the lyrics the other day.

    You plonker.